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Agri-PV: a smart combination between agriculture and solar energy

14 February 2023

The German government has decided to use around 45 percent from renewable energies as the energy source for electricity generation by 2025. By 2030, this share should rise to 80 percent. This will require a total of 215 gigawatts of photovoltaic (PV) systems by 2030. But what to do when suitable land is scarce and domestic production of agricultural products is urgently needed? The answer is ‘Agri- PV’.

Behind this term is the combination of agricultural management and solar power generation, in parallel on the same area. The supposed competition for land is thus resolved, as the land can continue to be farmed with a variety of agricultural products.

Cultivation between the modules

In the current plan, only about 10-15% of arable land is for solar panels. The cultivation takes place between the module rows with a distance of about 11-15 meters within the module rows. The cultivation between the module rows has proven to be the most practicable especially for arable land and allows an economic coexistence of both forms of land use.

Benefits of Agri-PV

There are hardly any disadvantages for the farmer, on the contrary: initial tests in our test facility have shown that mechanical cultivation is possible without any problems. Agri-PV has various benefits:

  • The module rows counteract drought and soil erosion
  • There is no danger of eaves, because the modules follow the course of the sun with the help of a track system
  • The strips directly under the modules can also make a meaningful contribution to biodiversity through flowering strips
  • The lease income for the PV system provides predictable income and thus another mainstay for the continued existence of agricultural businesses.

Planning and coordination

Of course, the planning of such a plant takes place in close coordination with the communities, authorities and citizens, in order to sufficiently consider their interests and suggestions. Pictures say more than words: see for yourself the benefits of our concept for Agri-PV with our video.

Interested in Agri-PV?

At Chint Solar, we believe that the current challenges of the energy crisis need innovative solutions. That’s why we invested in solutions like Agri-PV at an early stage, thus contributing to an affordable energy transition that enjoys a high level of acceptance among the population. Do you have any questions about Agri-PV? Feel free to contact us and let’s find possibilities for realization together.