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Privacy statement

Privacy Statement


1 Introduction


  • This Privacy Statement (“Statement”) is used by Chint Solar Europe GmbH (“Chint Solar”), with its registered office in Hamburg and its principal place of business in (D-20354) Hamburg at Stephansplatz 2-6, registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 166133. Chint Solar can be reached via


  • This Statement is intended to explain why and how data that identify or could identify natural persons (“Personal Data“) are processed by Chint Solar. This Statement applies to the Processing of Personal Data on its website located at“the Website”).


  • Unless indicated otherwise, Chint Solar is the ‘controller’ as referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) for the purpose of the processing of Personal Data as set out in this Statement.


  • Personal Data and sources


2.1       You may provide Personal Data to us in an active manner during your visit to the Website if you decide to contact us. It concerns the following Personal Data:

2.1.1    Your name;

2.1.2    Your e-mail address;

2.1.3    Your telephone number;

2.1.4    The Personal Data you enter in the ‘Message’ field.


2.2       The Personal Data referred to in 2.1 are collected from you personally. The Personal Data referred to in 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 are required if you wish to contact us using the contact form on the Website. If you do not wish to provide these Personal Data, you will not be able to contact Chint Solar using the contact form as offered on the Website.


2.3       In addition to these Personal Data, it is possible that you provide further Personal Data to us during your visit to the Website. It concerns the Personal Data

that are collected by placing cookies on the Website.


2.4       The Personal Data referred to in 2.3 are collected from you personally. You are not obliged to provide these Personal Data to us. Optimal use of the Website can no longer be guaranteed if you do not provide these Personal Data.


2.5       You can consult our cookie statement if you would like to read more about the processing of Personal Data by means of cookies and similar technologies that are placed when the Website is visited, and information about matters such as how they may be switched off. This statement is available via this link.


2.6       Chint Solar does not apply automated decision-making, as referred to in Article 22 (first and fourth paragraph) GDPR.


3 Bases 

3.1       Chint Solar collects Personal Data on the following bases:

3.1.1    Processing is necessary for the performance of an agreement to which you are a party or to implement measures at your request before conclusion of an agreement;

3.1.2    On the basis of a legitimate interest on the part of Chint Solar for the purpose of answering your questions which you ask via the Website, verifying the effectiveness of its Website, such as but not limited to analysing the Website’s visitor data and in order to be able to offer you an optimal Website, unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that demand protection of Personal Data outweigh those interests, especially where it concerns the Personal Data of children;

3.1.3    Chint Solar will ask for your additional consent to process your Personal Data if this should prove necessary, such as with the use of certain types of cookies. Please see our Cookie Statement for more information.


4 Purposes

4.1       Chint Solar processes the abovementioned Personal Data for the following purposes:

4.1.1    To enable you to contact us via the Website and to enable Chint Solar to provide you with a response;

4.1.2    To enable Chint Solar to bring its products and services to the attention of the public and to market them;

4.1.3    To enable Chint Solar to establish how popular parts of its Website are.


5 Social Media

5.1       The Website includes several options to click on to a third-party website, such as the LinkedIn profiles of the team members. If you decide to navigate to a website or platform hosted by a third party using these buttons, you should be aware that Chint Solar does not control the processing of your Personal Data by this third party. We refer to the privacy statement of the third party for further information.


6 Retention

6.1       Chint Solar retains the Personal Data that have been collected no longer than is necessary to realise the purposes set out in this Statement, unless there is a legal obligation on Chint Solar’s part to retain these Personal Data for a longer period. Several specific periods that apply are:

6.1.1    Personal Data from the contact form

The Personal Data you provide by submitting the contact form on the Website are retained for as long as necessary to respond to your contact request and for six months after this request has been handled, unless the Personal Data are necessary in order to comply with a legal retention obligation.

6.1.2    Cookie retention periods

The retention periods of the Personal Data that are collected by placing cookies and similar technologies when visiting the Website are indicated in our cookie statement, which you can read here.


6.2       Chint Solar reserves the right to anonymise the Personal Data, which means that the Personal Data can no longer be traced back to a visitor of the Website or another natural person. Anonymised Personal Data do not qualify as Personal Data under the GDPR and are therefore not subject to specific retention periods. Thus, Chint Solar reserves the right to retain these data for as long as necessary to realise the purposes included in this Statement and for as long as Chint Solar deems this reasonably necessary.


7 Recipients and transmission

7.1       Chint Solar transmits Personal Data to third parties, which are known as recipients, if this is necessary for the realisation of the purposes set out in this Statement. The categories of recipients of the Personal Data are:

7.1.1    Analytical services for the purpose of analysing the effectiveness of our Website, such as but not limited to Google Inc.;

7.1.2    The external company we engage for the purpose of storing the Personal Data that are processed via the Website;

7.1.3    The external company we engage for the purpose of maintaining the Website and our further business suppliers;



8 Possible recipients and transmissions

8.1       In addition to the recipients referred to in article 7, it is also possible that Chint Solar publishes or discloses Personal Data in the following cases, in which cases this will be announced by Chint Solar:

8.1.1    In the event Chint Solar becomes involved in a purchase or sale, in which case Personal Data may be provided to the prospective purchaser or seller and the Personal Data are provided on the basis of this Statement;

8.1.2    In the event all or a substantial of part Chint Solar becomes part of an acquisition, in which case the Personal Data are transferred as an asset;

8.1.3    Chint Solar will also do so in the event Chint Solar is obliged to provide Personal Data on the basis of a legal obligation or for the purpose of performing the Statement, the general terms and conditions or the agreement concluded with you, or in order to safeguard the rights, property and freedoms of Chint Solar or other parties.


9 International transmission 

9.1       In principle, Chint Solar does not transmit Personal Data to countries outside the European Union or international organisations.

9.2       In the event Chint Solar does transmit Personal Data outside the European Union or to international organisations in any other way, Chint Solar will determine to what extent this concerns an adequacy decision within the meaning of the applicable regulations, and, if there is no such decision, Personal Data will only be transmitted if there are appropriate or suitable safeguards. A copy of these documents is available from Chint Solar if this is the case. More specifically, we bind such recipients of Personal Data to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs), which are approved model provisions of the European Commission, to protect your Personal Data. We will assess in advance (if necessary with the help of third country recipients), on a case-by-case basis, whether the law or practice of the third country would undermine the effectiveness of the SCCs. In such cases, we will take additional measures to address the gaps in protection and bring them to the level required by EU law.


10 Security

10.1     Chint Solar attaches great importance to Personal Data security and has implemented appropriate measures and safeguards for this purpose. These measures comply with the requirements imposed in this connection by the GDPR, and include inter alia:

10.1.1  Securing the physical locations of Personal Data;

10.1.2  Ensuring the confidentiality of Personal Data;

10.1.3  Controlling access to Personal Data.


11 Rights

11.1     The GDPR grants data subjects the following rights, depending on the situation and subject to conditions:

11.1.1  The right to ask Chint Solar to be allowed access to the Personal Data;
11.1.2  The right to ask Chint Solar to rectify the Personal Data;

11.1.3  The right to ask Chint Solar to erase the Personal Data;

11.1.4  The right to ask Chint Solar to limit the processing;

11.1.5  The right to object to the processing;

11.1.6  The data subject’s right to data portability;

11.1.7  In the event the processing is based on consent: the right to

withdraw that consent at any time, without such prejudicing the lawfulness of the processing before this withdrawal;

11.1.8  The right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


11.2     Chint Solar may request specific, additional information when you exercise these rights. This additional information is used exclusively for the purpose of exercising the abovementioned rights.


12 Amendments

12.1     Chint Solar may amend this Statement from time to time. Please check the Website for any updates and always read our most recent Privacy Statement before providing Personal Data to Chint Solar.


13 Questions

13.1     If you have any questions regarding this Statement or the processing of Personal Data by Chint Solar or if you have requests with respect to your Personal Data, you may contact Chint Solar using the details set out in article 1.1 of this Statement.